Flip Toilet Training Pad 60x90cm 30pcs

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  • BD 6.500
  • BD 6.500
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  • It is a toilet training pad manufactured for puppies and adult dogs.
  • The pad absorbs feces and urine in the best way.
  • It is suitable for puppies who cannot go outside yet, whose vaccination program has not yet been completed.
  • It can also be used for sick dogs and small breed adult dogs.
  • It can also be used for dogs left alone at home and during travel.
  • It helps to prevent your house from getting dirty during toilet training of your dog.
  • It can also be used by laying on the floor without a toilet unit in the balcony or bathroom.
  • It turns the liquid into a gel and does not allow the liquid to flow out of the pad. 


  • 60x90cm

Instruction manual:

  • Place the Flip Toilet Training Pad separately from your dog’s bed and food bowl.
  • Take your dog to the pad for the first time.
  • The scent emanating from the pad will alert your dog to defecate there.
  • When you lay the next pad, your dog will understand where to go to the toilet.
  • If your dog does not go to the training pad for the toilet, it is recommended to use toilet training liquid.
  • After 1-2 times, start putting the pad near the door and somewhere outside the door.
  • Your dog will now get used to going to the toilet outside.

Package Included:

  • There are 30 toilet training pads measuring 60 x 90 cm in 1 package  
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