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AFP Dog Interactive Hyper Fetch Tennis Ball Toy


Ideal for dogs who like to fetch but may spend some time alone during the day

Hyper Fetch is an interactive toy that shoots your dogs ball across the room for you

With three throw modes to suit different room sizes and energetic dogs

BD 44.000 BD 22.000 50% Off

AFP Furry Ball Fluffer Cat Toy


All for Paws Furry Ball Fluffer is perfect for promoting active play for cats of all ages

Made with a variety of enticing sensory materials to instigate your cat’s natural instincts to hunt and play

It has catnip inside

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AFP Furry Ball Fluffer Cat Wand With Jingle


Fluffer Wand has a cute design and looks like little furry monster

It has catnip inside and jingle bell for more fun

With high-quality long plush, it is sure to be loved by your feline companion

AFP Interactive Butterfly Cat Toy


Appeal to cat natural instincts

Provide enough quality exercise to your furry friend

Works with x3 AA Batteries (not included)

BD 12.000 BD 6.000 50% Off
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AFP Long Fluff Cat Wand


A bright, colorful fluffy teaser for cats

Made with premium quality fabrics to entice your cat and encourage natural instincts

Satisfies your cats natural desires to hunt, paw, pounce and play

Highly visible, perfect for play anywhere in the home

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Bark & Purr Interactive Balance Cat Toy

  • Feather replacements that cats like are newly added to the package, so you can use the ball or feather alternately at any time to better attract the cat’s attention and interest. When the kitten toys is erected, it will shake back and forth to invite the game under the push of the cat’s external force. When the toy is placed horizontally, it rotates like a turntable, which is very interesting to interact and play with your cat.
  • Safe and Durable: The kitty toys are made of high-quality ABS material, so you don’t worry about it being scratched or bitten by the cat, which is durable for your cat playing. And all dyes color are safe for your cats and friendly to environment.
  • Improve Relationship: When you have a leisure time, you can interactive with your kittens, bring you and your cat a happy time. When you want to focus on your computer or housework, a funny toy will attract it to play quietly by itself without interrupting your work.
BD 4.000 BD 3.500 13% Off
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Bark & Purr Minion Cute Cat Toy

  • Random unpredictable movements of the self rotating ball can easily arouse your pets’ interests, keep your cats and dogs attentive, making them more engaged and happier.
  • Built-in high-speed universal wheel, will randomly turn or retreat when hitting an obstacle.
  • The intelligent interactive toy will automatically switch to sleep mode when it is not in use, effectively saving power.
  • Made of high quality eco-friendly plastic and electronic components, which are safe, non-toxic and lead-free.
  • This pet toy is suitable for kittens and puppies and children over three years old, and can accompany them to play together.
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Bark & Purr Squeaky Dog Toys


Including 12 various shape of the most popular and high quality dog plush squeaky toys. Such as Chicken legs, strawberries, donuts, lollipops, mushrooms, bananas, carrots, ice cream, peppers, ducks, avocados. Interesting toys help dogs relieve boredom, reduce stress, and reduce destructive behavior, and help dogs clean their teeth. It is also a good way to keep healthy for dogs who don’t usually exercise. It will increase feeling between you and your dog, the dog will like plush toys.

The plush squeaky dog toys are made of non-toxic plush and soft fabric material.



Toy Afra Butterfly Multiple colours

Beige, Light pink, Pink, White, Black, Beige, Blue, Light blue, White, Black
Butterfly, Butterfly


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