At BuffK-9® Dog Supplements we specialize in healthy, 100% safe, 100% natural, side-effect free supplements for ALL family dogs, working dogs such as schutzhund dogs, search and rescue dogs, military dogs, police dogs, hunting dogs, family guard dogs and show dogs. We know that our customers ask for something simple but hard to obtain; RESULTS. Healthier, Bigger, Faster, Stronger is the concept behind our product design.


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BuffK-9®True Champion Dog 2.0 (30 serving caps)


Muscle & Health Dog Supplement

30 capsules per bottle (administer 1-2 capsules a day with food depending on goals or weight)

  • 100% Safe
  • 100% Natural, No Side-Effects
  • Lean Muscle Builder (no unhealthy fat)
  • Healthy Weight Gain (only quality muscle weight)
  • Stress Relief (happy dog = healthy dog)
  • Health Booster
  • Immune Booster, Ease Allergies (naturally boost immunity)
  • Skin/Coat Health (good looks)
  • Endurance (natural electrolytes)
  • Vitamins, Minerals, Aminos
  • FDA Registered Lab, Non-GMO, Made in USA
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